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How to connect a Nokia LCD to a AVR-Controller.

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What are we going to do tonight, Brain?

Bild 1: What are we going to do tonight, Brain?

The Display (which is used in Nokia 6100, 7210, 6610, 7250 and 6220) has a resolution of 132x132 Pixel @4096 Colors. The visible area is about 3cm x 3cm in size. It can be found cheap at *bay. Note that there exist three types of Displays:

The provided Software does only work with Displays with the Philips chipset. If you want to use a Display with S1D15G10-chipset, take a look here: http://www.e-dsp.com/controlling-a-color-graphic-lcd-epson-s1d15g10-controller-with-an-atmel-avr-atmega32l/


I have used a AVR ATMega8 to control the Display.
The display works at 3,3V. I use a voltage divider (1.8k, 3.3k to GND) to convert the 5V signals of the controller to 3,3V levels for the display.

I directly soldered a ribbon cable on the back side of the display.

Nokia 6100 Display Pinout

Bild 2: Nokia 6100 Display Pinout

Pinout and connection to AVR:

1 VDD 3,3V  
2 /Reset PB4
5 /CS PB2
6 VLCD 3,3V  
7 NC  
8 GND  
9 LED-  
10 LED+ (6V)  
11 NC  

no responsibility is taken for the correctness of this information.


With the 8-Bit AVR Microcontroller i have build a rainbow-Animation, a simple oscilloscope and a Wireframe-3D-Engine:

Video 1: Simple oscilloscope

Video 2: 3D Engine based on ATMega8 AVR


The Software can be compiled with AVR-GCC. It display a test picture first.
It is possible to upload a RAW-RGB-Image-File via the serial interface.

Test image

Bild 3: Test image

Test image: Spiderman

Bild 4: Test image: Spiderman

Test image: Yeti

Bild 5: Test image: Yeti

Test image: Winamp

Bild 6: Test image: Winamp

nokia_6100_display_test.zip (42 KB) -

Externer LinkPhilips/NXP PCF8833 Datasheet

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